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Marketing hacks to try today

When you hear the phrase 'Marketing Hacks' you probably think of how to go viral, or how to spend 0 time on marketing your business whilst still becoming a millionaire.

Unfortunately, you won't find either of those here.

I love marketing, but I love making marketing simple even more.

This blog was inspired by a podcast I love to listen to called The Law of Attraction Changed my Life and it was all about reducing friction and doing things that make your life easier.

I often hear that people find marketing their business challenging so this blog will give you lots of tips and hacks on how to make marketing simple, easy and more fun.

It also includes some tips from the lovely members of my marketing membership, The Best 90 Days Ever. If you need some help with your small business marketing, this is the membership for you!

We start again on 1st July and you can sign up through my website here.

1. Use Trello to organise your social media content

My favourite tip which has changed my content and business is to save my posts in Trello. You can use any platform that fits your needs and that you find simple to use but this is really handy especially when it comes to launches.

It means that when I come back to promote the service again I can reuse the posts that I had created before. Nothing is wasted or only shared once.

I use this recycled content for every launch of The Best 90 Days Ever and it doesn’t always mean I just throw everything up exactly the same as it was before, but I have ideas, themes, pictures and graphics that spark my ideas and get me into the launch mindset.

2. Use Instagram on your desktop

When I'm looking through my social media content to recycle, I always do this by using Instagram on my desktop. It makes it so much easier to copy and paste a post straight into Trello so I can reuse the content and keep it organised.

When I have my content saved in Trello I can simply copy and paste a post in the morning depending on which one I feel like using. I don't schedule my content so this means I'll always have a bank of social media posts ready to use each day.

3. Learn how to be faster

This might seem like simple advice, but when I noticed that things were taking too long in my business, I taught myself how to do them faster.

Marketing tools and tips are something that can be learnt, so if you think your reels are taking too long or blog posts are sucking up all your time, learn how to do them quickly.

Most things can be done from a template. There are templates for reels that stop the fiddly parts of chopping up the video, you can buy templates in Canva for your graphics and there are even blog templates too. See if there are shortcuts for the parts of your marketing that are taking the most time.

Tips from members of The Best 90 Days Ever

Marketing hacks are the best when they come from someone else! I love it when someone gives you advice that makes you say - 'why didn't I think of that?'

Here are some of the tips from our members of my marketing membership, The Best 90 Days Ever.

Liz Mosley - Definitely batching creating similar content! I made 10 posts with testimonials for my podcast that all look the same and I post one a month. It saved me so much time!

Jon Evans - Canva for designing images

- Capcut for editing video

- Get honest feedback from someone who's not a family member or friend

Sophie Carefull - Copying and pasting emojis from this website so I can create all my posts on desktop (I then use Later to schedule, and post manually) is super handy!](

Lucy Price - Using Trello to plan my content has actually been the best thing I've ever done! Making templates in Canva for pins has been useful to batch those too. Having a note on your phone with the links to things you share the most - certain pages of website/newsletter etc makes it dead easy when you're sharing the link sticker on Instagram.

Tracy Rex - I like to make a list of any special dates, national days, international days, publication dates and author birthdays for the whole year. I don't always use them all but they're always a good backup option.

Suzy Stanton - Updating blog posts I published a while ago and re-publishing them. I did this last summer so had one post a week throughout the summer holidays which generated a lot of new traffic. This works really well if you've got a lot of content as people probably won't spend the time trawling through to see what you wrote last year.

Here are a few of our favourite marketing hacks! Which one will you try this week?

If you'd like daily support with your small business marketing, come and join us for The Best 90 Days Ever. We start every 3 months and you'll receive a daily prompt, task or challenge for just £34.99.

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