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Not another banana bread

This afternoon mum and I cooked a banana bread to have with a cup of tea while I showed her all of my car boot sale bargains. 

Is there a better way to spend a Sunday? 

For lots of people, baking has been a hobby they've started while we’ve been at home.

But although banana bread has always been a firm favourite in this house, it did get me thinking about some of the lockdown habits I’ve picked up and the ones I’ll be leaving behind. 

Obviously cooking up some banana-ery deliciousness will stay on the list, but here’s a few others. 

Hannah Isted Social Media Management Barry South Wales

Making time to write 

When lockdown started I had more time to write blogs for my website. It’s faded out now things are busy again but I definitely want to bring it back. Blogs helped me get higher on Google, gave me lots of content for Pinterest and made me think about how I help my clients. It’s a keeper. 

This newsletter  

I think it’s obvious this newsletter will be staying! I’ve loved writing it and I’m so glad I had the space to figure it out. If there’s anything you’d like me to write about let me know. 

Filling my diary 

I feel tired just looking at my diary from last year. I was rushing around, never stopping and I hardly had time to do my actual work which meant I always felt behind. I don’t want to go back to that and I need to learn to say'no'more often. 

Shopping locally 

With lots of businesses being closed I found myself shopping elsewhere, mainly because I was bored (anyone else guilty of a lazy Sunday afternoon H&M order?). Most of it ended up going back, but visiting my favourite shops reminded me how good it is to see the product in front of you and speak to the owner. 

Slowing down 

The most important thing for me is the reminder to slow down. Going back to a kind of ‘normal’ has reminded me how much I like to be at home and I am KNACKERED. I’m not rushing back to rushing, taking it slow and making time to rest and write is going to be a priority for me this year!

What are the lockdown habits you’re going to take or leave behind?Let me know! 


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