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Why you need to market your business on more than just social media

This week I’ve been thinking about 2021 predictions for my own business and for clients.

As much as I like watching the new updates on social media like reels or Clubhouse (what even is it?!) I think my predictions are pretty much the same as last year.

You need to market your business on more than just social media.

I know people have huge success running just an Instagram page or having a mailing list with thousands of people on it.

But there are ALWAYS more people to reach.

There’s a whole range to marketing, from spreading yourself too thin to putting all your eggs in one basket. I’m not suggesting you hold onto something that isn’t working for you (hello Twitter!)

But we want to be somewhere in between, with leads coming in from a variety of places so that if you have a bad week on Instagram, or your latest newsletter flops, you’ve still got new customers finding out about your business.

At the start of my social media workshops I used to say ‘social media is just one part of a whole marketing plan’ but then I realised I wasn’t helping with all the other parts.

It was only when I started offering one to one sessions that questions came up.

‘How did you get your 5p toilet from eBay on the front of a magazine?’

‘So, how do I actually start a newsletter?’

‘People are visiting my website but not buying, what’s wrong?’

‘Where do I start with Pinterest?’

That's why I started my #TeaBreakTips on Instagram to show it doesn’t have to be difficult, in just 10 minutes you can do something quick and easy to reach more potential customers.

It can be really overwhelming running a business, but for me the most helpful thing is always speaking to someone I trust.

Which is why I’m launching a new marketing package very soon that I wanted to share with you all first because I'm so excited and also very nervous!

I really want to show that promoting your business should be easy and fun, not another chore to add to your to do list each week and that's what these sessions will do.

Over 6 weeks we’ll cover 6 different marketing essentials that you'll want to be using to promote your business and make sales, including blogging, PR, newsletters and websites.

It’s all done through one to one calls with me over Zoom that are tailored to you and designed to fit in around you and your business.

I started running this at the end of last year and the difference in just one session has been amazing. I’ve never known homework get done so quickly!

If it sounds like something that would benefit your business you can read more information on my website and if you’d like to find out more just send me an email, I’m always happy to chat.


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