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Our new furry arrival!

This has been a whirlwind weekend for us.

Yesterday we introduced a new member of the family, Tilly the Chocolate Labrador! 

Tilly’s owner is unwell and couldn’t look after her anymore, so we’re seeing if she likes her new spot on our sofa instead. 

Hannah Isted Social Media Management Barry South Wales

It’s been a hot weekend so we treated Bernie and Tilly to some dog friendly ice creams which gave me an idea for this week’s newsletter. 

Sometimes when we’re helping our clients we get fixed on solving an exact problem. 

If I help people with their Instagram it would be easy to only focus on that one specific problem and I might quickly run out of content. 

But there are lots of things I help with that are around Instagram. 

Getting great photos, improving your website, not worrying about what people think, creating a content plan, even growing your businesses. 

Which is why I keep finding things to write about for this newsletter. 

If you’re a hairdresser, it’s not just about haircuts. It’s about how to keep hair healthy, how to style it, what colour to go for next. 

If you're a florist it's not just what bouquet to pick. It's how to look after them, what's the best vase to use, how to choose your wedding flowers. 

That’s where the ice creams come in. 

Our friends at Oh Doggo posted about treats to cool down your dog in their newsletter this week, which if you’re not signed up to, you need to! 

They know that while they offer dog boarding and walks there are lots of other things their clients will find helpful… like cooling down your dog when it’s hot. 

Now every time we make these ice creams I’ll think of them and when we need a dog walker I'll give them a text (if they’ll take double the trouble). 

What are the problems your customers are facing that aren’t right in front of them? 

Keep your ideal client in mind this week and think about how you can help them. Put your solutions into your posts on social media and show them.

Add value in unexpected ways and they’ll always remember you! 

If you're struggling to write posts, think of your ideal client or you just feel stuck with your social media, book a one to one with me. We'll take two hours over zoom to create a plan for your social media for just £99. Click here to book.


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