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Playing the long marketing game

Earlier this week I shared this graphic...

You might have seen it, but if you didn’t I think it’s worth sharing it again!

It’s how I make marketing my business simple and helps me shut off the noise about algorithms and insights when all I want to do is write.

Somewhere along the way sharing content feels like it's turned into this scary series of ‘musts’

  • You must post every second of every day

  • You must have a brand new idea that no one has ever thought of

  • You must spend hours writing different blogs, newsletters and social posts so your audience don’t get bored

I know I’ve even put pressure on myself this month to post every day as part of the #TeaBreakTips.

While I’ve really enjoyed it (and there is obviously lots of value in consistency) it has to be right for you.

It’s why this month I’ve been focusing more on the long game. The things I can do for my marketing now that will have an impact months and even years down the line. My favourite part is that I don’t need to create anything new. It’s already there. I've written five years of ideas that can all be turned into something different. A post that I created last April on Pinterest is still getting clicks and shares today. My #TeaBreakTips are being turned into blogs so I can give that 31 days of helpful content another chance to be seen. These are things that grow my audience, without having to force myself to come up with the next 'genius' idea. I started this newsletter almost a year ago with no subscribers, but still sent an email every single Sunday. Now it’s my favourite way to connect. With the long game you’ll always wish you started sooner, so what’s stopping you from getting going today? If you need someone to help you along the way, I’m going to be announcing the name of my new marketing package on Instagram tomorrow! I’m really excited (and also so nervous!) but I can’t wait to see what you think.

Before you go I just wanted to share this lovely review from someone who I know will be reading this newsletter! "My 121 session with Hannah was even better than expected. I knew from having seen her posts online that she would be able to help me, but I didn't realise how valuable spending a couple of hours with her would be. Not only did she help me come up with many ideas for my business, Hannah also helped me make several achievable plans for my marketing strategy that once the session was over, I was very excited and eager to put into action right away. Being able to talk to someone external from my business was so helpful, as sometimes as a self-employed person you can get stuck in your own head and it's hard to always think outside of the box. Hannah gave me very realistic goals to work towards and I left our session feeling motivated and determined to get stuck into marketing my business in the best way possible. Thank you!"

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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