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Self sabotage and social media

Last week a friend sent me a project role that would fit perfectly.

I had all the right experience and when I read it I got excited about applying!

Then, out of no where, all the other thoughts started coming in ready to self sabotage me.

‘No I can’t do that I don’t have the experience’

‘I won’t have time’

‘I don’t speak Welsh’

'There will be someone else with more experience than me'

If we listen to those thoughts we can talk ourselves out of anything.

I've seen it before with social media clients, they get excited about what they're going to post, but give it too much time and thought and they delete their perfectly crafted updates which would have made a huge impact to their business.

Trust your instincts but don't let self sabotaging get in the way of growing your business, getting that role or doing something that feels a little bit scary.

The best things happen outside of our comfort zone!


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