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Set your pace

Today I ran my first Half Marathon event across the Severn Bridge.

I’d heard it was an amazing run and it really was!

I got a new PB for the 10km and half and had such a great morning with my friend and everyone we met along the way.

Hannah Isted Marketing Expert Running Severn Bridge Half Marathon

I got my new PB because I knew the pace I wanted to run at and I kept focused on that time.

It didn’t matter if my friend went faster, because I knew I couldn’t keep up and I’d crash halfway.

It didn’t matter if others were slower, because I know my body now and when I can push it.

It’s all about the pace.

The same is true for your marketing.

(It's also true for bottomless brunch but that's another newsletter!)

It’s the reason there’s no one size fits all pace and consistency for posting online to promote your business.

Or a marketing plan that works for everyone.

It’s about finding your marketing pace and sticking to it so you can be consistent and keep the momentum going.

Do too much, too fast and you’ll burn out.

Go too slow and you won’t feel like you’re making progress.

Decide the goal, set the pace, and put the plan into action to get where you need to be.

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