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Standing out on social media

This weekend I sent out my weekly Social Sunday newsletter.

I don't have a massive list but it's growing, which means that when someone unsubscribes it stands out. A little bit like this daisy we spotted in Porthkerry.

I worried when I started that I'd get upset every time someone unsubscribed but it hasn't been the case.

This weekend when one person unsubscribed, another messaged to say that email had come at exactly the right time.

That's what social media is all about. There will be people that love your content and some just don't get it.

They might unfollow, unsubscribe or unlike, but if your content is working for the people you're trying to target keep going!

Imperfect action is better than keeping quiet because you're scared. It stands out! 🧡

If you want to sign up to receive my weekly newsletter, pop your email in here:


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