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That Will Be Rubbish

Happy Sunday!

Have you ever heard that phrase ‘the first time you do *thing* it will be rubbish’?

I’m sure I’ve said it before and I’ve probably written it in this newsletter.

But actually I’m not sure I agree.

We use it as an excuse to not start because we’re worried about it being awful.

But what if the first version isn’t rubbish at all?

I was reading a book this morning called ‘Playing Big’ by Tara Mohr. Tara explained some of the reasons we stop ourselves from being visible, and one was believing that things need to happen in a certain order before we can do the task we really want to do. We believe....

  • You must have a website before you start a newsletter

  • You must have a big audience before you try your first reel

  • You must create a blog on a brand new topic

None of these are true, but yet there always seems to be something holding us back from trying the first version. But here’s the thing. Your first time trying could be brilliant!

  • You could be great at reels and hit it straight out of the park.

  • You could write one newsletter and it sells more of your product than you’ve sold all week.

  • You could share a blog that connects with your audience more than any content you've done before.

There are always parts to improve, but that doesn't mean your first version is going to be bad. Yesterday was the first day of spring. The spring equinox is a time for new beginnings and I don't know about you but after the last year that sounds good to me! Lighter days, lockdowns (hopefully) lifting and lots to look forward to. So, here's a little spring challenge for you. Try something new for the first time this week. If it promotes your business, amazing. But maybe you could try something else that's always been on your list. Tag me in your posts on social media with what you decide!

Every Sunday a new episode of The Social Sunday Podcast comes out! The latest episode is about consistency and the 5 things I do to promote my business every single week. Find it on Spotify or click here.


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