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The Last Thing You Want To Do

Happy Sunday!

Usually I know what I’m going to write for this newsletter but today Christmas is taking over and there isn’t room for anything else!

We’ve spent the weekend decorating the fireplace, getting out our tiny tree and just generally feeling pretty festive.

I was about to reach into my folder of content ideas and then I thought, maybe other people are feeling the same?

It’s not easy to constantly create content, especially if you’ve got a thousand other things to think about.

Next week we hit the start of December and for a lot of small business owners this is the time that matters the most.

But that also means there can be a huge amount of stress and pressure that comes with this time of year too.

During Christmas most of us have so much going on that the last thing we want to think about is blogging, social media, getting press coverage and updating our websites, even though we know it will help out in the long run.

So here’s a few ways to make things easier next month and keep the content flowing just like the mulled wine!

Take a look at what you did last year

If you have a similar product, take a look at what you did last year. I’m not suggesting you copy and paste, but it can help to spark ideas and it’s a great reminder of the kind of comments customers were asking previously too.

Write one blog

And then squeeze as much juice out of it as you can! Put it on your website, social media, link it to your newsletter and share it across all your platforms. Make it useful for your customers and something they would want to share on their own accounts.

Set a timer for 20 minutes and check your website

If you do anything, make it this. Check your website for any issues, problems or things that would get in the way of your customers making a purchase. Look at it from their eyes. Spending 20 minutes on it now could mean more orders in the lead up to Christmas! Outsource

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, please outsource something. Whether it’s your social media (I can help!), invoicing, tax returns, packing orders, sorting stock, walking the dog or cleaning the house, chances are there is someone out there who is much better, faster and in the long run cheaper than you pushing on and doing it. Ask for help and give yourself time to work on the parts of your business you're really good at. If you need support with your social media, website or you just need some marketing advice, email to get in touch.


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