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The Social Sunday - Just to say Thank You

Today marks the 72nd birthday of the NHS! We’ve loved seeing the Hood Road tunnel in Barry lit up blue to say thank you. 

I’ve worked for the NHS and so has my mum, I know I don’t need to say how lucky we are to have it, we all know how important it is especially at a time like this. 

Thank you to everyone who has looked after us and kept us safe. 

Seeing the posts today got me thinking about the ways we say thank you. 

A simple ‘thank you’ can mean a lot and go along way into turning a one off purchase into customers coming back for more. 

One of my favourite eBay purchases was a few years ago, I can’t remember what I bought but they put in a pack of Haribo with the order. How cute is that? It really made it stand out and I've remembered it ever since. 

If you want to help your business stand out, here’s a few ways to say thank you.

Social media 

Make a note to check social media regularly for pictures about your shop or business. Check your tags, the location if you have a shop and hashtags and if you spot something make sure you reply to your customers! 

Email list 

If you have an online shop make sure your receipt email says thank you! It sounds simple but the purchase email can make all the difference. Why not offer them a discount code too? 10% could be enough to tempt a customer to make a repeat order. 

Personal note 

For some of the people that bought my eBook I sent them a personal email to say thank you and ask if they needed any help or support. It took a little bit of extra time but I really want to show my customers that I was grateful for their purchase. 


If your customer orders in store, pop in a little note to say thank you. Include your social media handles to encourage them to share a picture and reward them if they do. One of my clients sends a £5 voucher to the customer if we use one of their images on social media, it’s a small way to say thank you and keep the pictures coming! 

I'm going to be looking for extra ways I can say thank you this week and see the difference it makes in my business. 

Thank you so much for subscribing to my newsletter, I’m so pleased I’ve kept this up every Sunday throughout lockdown. Your support means alot and I’m really grateful.


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