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The Social Sunday Newsletter is One!


I can’t believe it.

This month I’ve been sending The Social Sunday Newsletter for a whole year!

Last January on a train journey to Manchester I decided enough was enough and after 4 years it was time to start my newsletter.

I’d heard SO many of my favourite marketing experts say that a newsletter is essential for your business, but I couldn’t make the time to start mine.

During that train journey I designed it, sorted the tech, planned my welcome email and I was ready to go.

But I didn’t send my newsletter until March, a month later. And that’s the problem isn’t it?

I was missing the accountability of someone saying ‘come on, stop procrastinating and just send it!’

A couple of months ago my friend Clair asked me about my newsletter and wanted to start one herself. We had a chat and she said ‘You should do a newsletter course’ And so the idea for The 5 Day Newsletter Fix was born. Before I even had a chance to put something together Clair had launched her newsletter and after sending out the first one she booked a place on her £99 Blogbusters course. £99 from the first email? Amazing! This newsletter has been one of the best things I’ve done for my business.

  • It’s sold products from my £29.99 eBook to services like my £999 marketing package.

  • It’s increased my audience and I don’t rely on social media to market my business.

  • It’s made me so many connections and business friends (you know who you are reading this!)

The 5 Day Newsletter Fix I really believe that whether you sell products or provide services, a newsletter is an amazing tool for your business. My new course, The 5 Day Newsletter Fix, is 5 days of live videos, worksheets, Q&As and the accountability to get you sending your first newsletter. At the end of the 5 days you WILL send a newsletter! We start on 12th April and spaces are limited so if you’d like to join us click here to sign up. This course is for any stage of business, you don't need a website to get started. I promise it won't be technical, but you will have fun, my support and the accountability of a great group. If you know someone who might be interested I’d really appreciate it if you could share the page with them too!

The latest episode of The Social Sunday podcast is out now and it's all about the good (and bad) things I've learnt from this newsletter! It's less than 10 minutes long and if you'd like to listen click here.


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