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The Social Sunday - 'Stomach Churning and Blinkered'

Earlier this week I woke up and checked my email. 

At 7am someone had decided to message telling us they found our promotion on the magazine stomach churning and blinkered. 


I think I'm getting quite good at responding to these types of messages now. We’re always up for feedback but when it’s nasty and rude I wonder why they've been sent in the first place. 

Right now the world is tough for lots of business owners, we don’t need to make it tougher. What happened to #BeKind

Bernie has the same opinion about rude emails.

If you’re not interested in putting down other businesses and you’d like to support them instead, here’s a few ideas that don’t involve social media! 

1. Take the journey their customer makes 

One of the easiest things you can do is to take the journey a customer makes. This can be so useful for a small business because they won't always see bugs and glitches that you might spot. 

2. Buy something small 

While you're there why not buy something small? Supporting businesses doesn't need to be a huge purchase every week, it could just be something small to show you care. 

3. Read their newsletter 

If you've signed up to a newsletter try to read it and respond. The feeling of getting a reply to one of your emails is the best, especially if they have been helpful! 

4. Share a blog post 

We often think that sharing a social media post is the easiest way to promote a business, but sharing a blog post can be even better. Not only does it spread the word but it leads people straight to their website. 

5. Leave them a review

Leaving a review is great for a business as it helps to build trust with their brand. Google, Trip Advisor, VouchedFor and even in an email are great ways to show other potential customers why they should use them. 

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