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What's the big idea?

A few months ago I had a call from my friend

‘Han, I’ve got an idea and I want you to get involved’ 

From that first phone call Wales-Wide Virtual Pride was born. 

I got off the phone and thought - what have I let myself in for again? 

Barry Pride Hannah Isted South Wales

If there could be one word to sum up lockdown it’s ‘pivot’ 

Businesses have been forced to change, events cancelled and we’re all pivoting to adapt to this new way of life. 

One thing to change for us was cancelling Barry Pride 2020. 

From the beginning it seemed big events weren’t happening this year and we knew how much of an impact for the regional prides this would have. 

The communities they helped were going to struggle to get support, and that’s why we started Wales-Wide Virtual Pride. 

If we can’t get together in person, we’ll have to do it online instead. 

That simple idea turned into a big two day virtual event that reached over 40,000 people.  

Every single idea you have started with a tiny thought or a little spark.

Some of them go on to be amazing things and some of them turn out to be just an idea that never happens. 

My eBook started as an idea. 

Going self-employed and being my own boss started as an idea.

Launching Barry Magazine started as an idea. 

But the thing they all have in common is that even when it felt tough and we had to pivot and adapt, we still turned those little sparks into a thing. 

I’m very tired and going on abit now but what I wanted this newsletter to say was…

If you have an idea don’t let it just stay as an idea. Do something about it. 

Reply to this email and tell me your ideas and I’ll check in on you to see how you’re getting on! 

If you would like to watch our Wales-Wide Virtual Pride here’s the link to all the videos. 


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