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Where can you make life easier?

I did something very exciting today....

I ordered my first dishwasher!

After 2 years of what felt like constantly washing dishes I’m finally doing something about it.

It might seem silly, but I know how long I spend washing up, time that could be spent doing literally anything else.

So I bought something that’s going to make it easier and save me some time.

Sometimes we make things harder than they need to be when there’s a solution right in front of us that can help.

We do this in our businesses too.

Whether it’s spending ages on our tax return when we could just use an accountant, or sitting in front of our computer trying to write social media posts when we could outsource it to someone else.

What can you do this week to make things easier for yourself?

Maybe it’s reusing a social media post as a blog on your website or bringing a dog walker in so you have some quiet time for writing? Let me know!

Here's a totally irrelevant picture because who wants to see an image of a dishwasher?!


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