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Why I'm more than your opinion

A few weeks ago I won a competition from Obscene Self Love and received an amazing package of gifts in the post including this bag and postcards 🧡

We took some pictures yesterday because I want to shout about how amazing this local Cardiff brand is, and it was so much fun.

Then I looked at the pictures to post on social media, and all I saw was rolls on my back, weird hips, a constant double chin that stays whatever weight I’m at. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this more through lockdown but self love really is a rollercoaster.

I go from loving who I am, enjoying working out and being thankful for what my body can do. Then it flips suddenly to must weigh less, eat less, must exercise more, run more, fit into smaller clothes, avoid bread, drink green tea, not drink alcohol, the list goes on. It’s exhausting (and it makes me want a drink just looking at it).

Seeing these pictures on Instagram was a reminder than I’m more than your opinion, not just of people who don’t really matter, but of that voice inside my head that tells me those things.

Honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that, there are far more important things to be doing.

Last night’s Warrior Women Collective event was so inspiring, I loved Rose from Style Of The City Mag talking about her motivation and belief.

The time I’m wasting looking at my chin could be spent on much better things, so I’m off to go and smash those important goals! 🧡


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