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Why it's important to just START!

My eBook started as post-it notes on the floor.

Then a blank Google document. Then 6000 words magically appeared after a few days of writing.

Then it was printed pages of notes, doodles and lots of ideas that didn't make much sense.

Somehow Tom and I turned it into a book that would help small businesses learn how to manage their own social media platforms and grow their audience.

It didn't just appear overnight, everything starts from nothing.

It could be your first Instagram post, an empty blog page waiting to be filled, doing a Facebook live for the first time or learning how to update your website.

We all start from the beginning but the most important thing is that we just START!

What have you been putting off starting that you could get cracking on today?

For me it's sorting through our hundreds of pictures to see what I can use for Pinterest and blogs!


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