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Why now?

If you're reading this post you probably already know I'm going to recommend a way that you can improve your marketing.

But you also might be thinking, why now? 🤯

You could do it tomorrow. Or make it a goal for next month. Or maybe you even feel like you don't need to market your business at all because you're so busy.

But right now is the PERFECT time to start making positive changes to make promoting your business even easier.

- You might be booking up your calendar for April and May and realising how busy you're going to be.

- You might be thinking about the end of the tax year and knowing that's a busy time for you.

- You might have a little more free time if your kids have gone back to school

- You might be the busiest you've ever been, so making the most of the little time you spend on marketing is really important.

Hannah Isted Social Media Small Business Marketing

That thing you've been thinking of doing? Start now.

On my list this week is to start planning guests for my Podcast! The sooner we start, the sooner we get the benefits of our hard work. The phrase ‘you’ll always wish you did it sooner’ comes to mind!

If you need a push, knowledge and accountability, message me about The Six Week Marketing Fix!

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