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Be your own social media manager
A Year of Marketing in a Day

Join us on 19th January from 10am-3pm at Tramshed Tech in Barry. Spaces are limited.


Get your marketing sorted for 2024 with this small business planning and content creation day!

A Year of Marketing in a Day

  • Do you struggle with your social media marketing, knowing what to say or how to get started when you’re writing content?

    Marketing is essential for small business owners, but with so much advice out there it’s hard to know where to begin.

    This workshop will help you plan ahead, create a strategy and get your marketing ready for a successful 2024.

    You’ll leave knowing that you have ideas and a plan to help you promote your products or services in a way that feels easy and fun.

    Over the course of the day we’ll look at where to focus your marketing for next year and how you can promote your business every month.

    We will cover….

    • What your marketing goals are for the year ahead and how to create a strategy to reach them

    • The different marketing tools you can use including social media, email marketing, blogging and video content

    • How we can maximise the time we spend working on our business to get the best results

    • How to have a constant supply of marketing ideas so you’re never sat at your laptop wondering what to write

    • How to reuse content and use batch creating to save time, energy and have a consistent message for your brand

    By the end of this workshop you’ll know what to say, how to say it and where your business will be visible online in 2024

    Spend a day on 19th January planning and come away with a whole year of marketing mapped out and ready to go.


    What's included:

    - Workshop from 10am-3pm
    - A delicious lunch 
    - A goody bag with year planner 
    - Monthly Trello Content Planner (with new prompts) 

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