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The next round starts 2nd October  

Promote your business and grow your audience with daily 10-minute marketing tasks and our small business community. From just £10 a month!

Do you know you need to promote your business now more than ever but you don't have time, ideas or know where to start?

Sign up and for the next 90 days you'll receive a daily task in our Facebook group to help you have the best 90 days ever in your business.


Think of it as a daily pep talk, me popping up and saying hi 👋 you can do this! 

This is for you if.... 


  • You want to promote your business but you have no idea what to do each day 

  • You're worried you'll spend too much time on your phone and want time off

  • You don't have much time 

  • The time you do have you're spending it dithering 

  • You want to try new marketing tools but you don't know where to start 

  • You want to be part of a group where no question is silly and you get daily support

  • You need some help with your marketing for the next 3 months! 

If you have no idea what you should be doing each day...

I'll give you a daily 10 minute task that you can easily manage around the rest of your work. 


There will be marketing tips, content ideas, prompts, tutorials, challenges, videos, sessions to work along together, and a chance for you to connect and stay accountable. Everything is optional. Take what you need and leave the rest!

Our weekly topics include;

  • Content ideas for social media

  • Email marketing

  • Pinterest

  • SEO and website advice

  • Productivity and motivation

  • Selling your products and services


How much can you
achieve in 90 days?

The best thing about running a business is that you can do whatever you want. But the worst thing about running a business… is that you can do whatever you want 😂 


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. It’s why I created the best 90 days ever, to give myself a daily task or prompt to help my marketing. 


If you don’t know what to do each day or you feel confused by all the options to promote your business, come and join us. For just £45 for 3 months you’ll get a daily task in our supportive group. 

As someone who ran marketing teams and PR teams at a high level for big-name clients I have to be honest... I NEVER usually sign up for marketing groups or courses. Why? I always assume my 20+ years experience and qualifications will be enough.  But clearly that's not true. BECAUSE I am learning something every single day from you. And I'm so, so happy about this!

— Helen

'I have loved being part of The Best 90 Days, so much so that I signed up for another 90 days! It has been a brilliant way to start the year and I love the prompts Hannah gives and also the support and community that she has created. I would absolutely recommend this to small business owners looking for small manageable tasks to improve their marketing and just general business - it has been so encouraging.'

— Liz


How does it work?

The Best 90 Days Ever is 3 months of daily marketing support held in a private Facebook group. 

If you want quick daily marketing tips, a fun environment and the accountability of a great group, come and join us!

You'll get 

  • A daily marketing prompt 

  • Challenges and competitions

  • Regular work-along sessions

  • A dedicated Facebook community 

We also run a quarterly live batch creating content session in Barry which is held both online and in person. 

The Best 90 Days Ever is £45 or you can sign up for a year for £120. 

To have a chat and see if this could be for you, email me on


I joined the Best 90 Days in October 2022 and it has truly been a game-changer for my business marketing! Before joining, I had a lengthy to-do list of marketing tasks that always seemed too daunting and overwhelming to get round to. However, with Hannah's daily prompts, support from the group and The Morning of Marketing, I have been able to create so much more than I thought possible. And it’s given me the confidence to try out new marketing strategies, such as video content and email challenges. 


Hannah's expertise in marketing has been immensely helpful, and I have also learned so much from the other members ideas and experiences shared in the group. One thing that I really love about The Best 90 Days program is the variety of themes covered each round, and the thought Hannah puts into it. It keeps things interesting and ensures that we're constantly learning and growing in different areas of marketing. 


I have just signed up to a full year and excited to see what’s in store this round. I highly recommend The Best 90 Days to anyone looking to elevate their marketing

— Harriet

About HI Communications

My name is Hannah Isted and I run HI Communications. For the past 5 years I’ve taught hundreds of small businesses everything I know about digital marketing. 

Using social media management, website design, workshops and one to one meetings I’ve:


  • Launched a digital magazine Barry Magazine to support small business owners and promote them locally 

  • Been featured in Fabulous Magazine and on the front page of Women’s Own

  • Helped businesses grow audiences online that support and buy from them with my Be Your Own Social Media Manager eBook 

  • Helped my client make over £30k in one month on their website

  • Grown my Pinterest to over 300k views a month 

  • Supported an amazing community of small business owners 

5 Day Newsletter Fix for Small Business

Want to find out more?

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