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3 months of one to one support to move forward with your marketing 

One to One Support

One to one accountability alongside The Best 90 Days Ever to support you for the next 3 months to take action and finally tick off the marketing tasks that you know will move your business forward. Have a marketing expert in your pocket and someone to ask those questions that are keeping you stuck.

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Guiding you through the tough stuff

This is for you if you’re ready to work on your marketing and have the accountability to move things forward. We could cover…

  • Mapping out the next 3 months of content

  • Creating a new offer and launching it

  • Setting up an email challenge or lead magnet

  • Improving your social media results
    Designing your own membership or course

What’s on your to-do list?

What’s included

Voxer support from 11am-2pm, Monday-Thursday

90 day membership to The Best 90 Days Ever

A Trello template to help you plan and achieve your goals

Supercharge Your Socials is £250 per month for 3 months

Limited to 5 spaces

Procrastinating setting up your email marketing 

To a growing list with an engaged audience 

Go from...

Feeling overwhelmed by marketing 

To a system full of content that’s easy to create

Knowing you want extra income in your business 

To a course mapped out ready to launch 

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Before working with Hannah I felt lost about my marketing. I struggled to be consistent and couldn't find a system that worked for me.

Working with Hannah has completely transformed that - she has helped me to shift both my mindset around marketing and my marketing itself. I now have a system that works for me and everything is in one place. I am able to plan my marketing in advance and generate ideas easily.

Having Hannah on hand to answer my questions, support me with ideas and to calm my worries was invaluable. She is positive yet realistic and the best personal cheerleader. If you're thinking about working with Hannah one-to-one - do it! It will be the best decision you make for your business.  

—  Jyoti, Menstrual Cycle Coach & Yoga Teacher at Jyoti Rani

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I’ve been running my business for 8 years

My membership is in it’s 3rd year with over 100 members 

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Why work with me? 

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My book The Best 90 Days Ever is coming out in March

I’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses owners just like you

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I love marketing and make it feel simple and easy for you 

My brain is like a real life version of ChatGPT and I love coming up with ideas  

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Working with Hannah on Voxer was invaluable to me as I set up a new offering and launch it.


Hannah went over and beyond to help me out with everything, as I was quite disorganised, but she made everything so easy for me, she directed me well and gave me useful templates that streamlined everything.

Hannah thinks of everything and has fantastic ideas.  I always felt excited after talking things through with her, and my overwhelm or worries always disappeared after our chats!


Hannah really is the best and can’t recommend her enough!!

— Rhodd - Personal Trainer


Hi! I’m Hannah

I help small business owners make marketing simple so they can enjoy promoting their business again and I'm turning it into a book.


If you're struggling to create social media content, write blogs that convert to clicks or start a newsletter that gets you new customers and more business, I can help.

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