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Welcome to the Email Marketing Challenge!

Your task for next 2 weeks is to follow this chart until you get to your goal.

When you click on the final light blue button you will get a PDF with 7 tasks. Print off the page if you can and work through them!


Please note - where I use the phrase email newsletter, this includes any form of email marketing. You don't have to call it a newsletter.  


Do you have an email newsletter?

Like one?

Would you like one?

Your goal for this week is to start your newsletter!

Your goal for this week is to be featured in other emails!

Sending regular emails?

Are you sending regular marketing emails out?

Your goal for this week is to create a plan to send more emails!

Grow emails

Would you like to grow your email list?

Your goal for this week is to create a new lead magnet to grow your list!

More sales

Would you like to make more sales?

Your goal for this week is to get more sales with emails!

If you've answered no you're going to have to email me so we can figure out what you want to do 😂


Hi! I’m Hannah

I help small business owners make marketing simple so they can enjoy promoting their business again and I'm turning it into a book.


If you're struggling to create social media content, write blogs that convert to clicks or start a newsletter that gets you new customers and more business, I can help.

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