31 ways to improve your marketing in less than 10 minutes

We often come up with big goals for our small businesses, like growing our social media accounts, starting a newsletter or even going viral on TikTok.

But after a few days our motivation drops and it gets harder and harder to convince ourselves to do the work that's needed to market our businesses.

This month on my Instagram page I've been sharing a daily #TeaBreakTip, something that you can do in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea to improve your marketing.

It might only take 10 minutes but small steps every day can lead to big results!

Tip 1. While you’re sitting watching Netflix and drinking your tea today, think about your aims for your marketing this year. You might want to post more consistently, be better at planning, reach a certain number (followers, readers, views) or even shift the focus from social media and move onto something else completely.

Get an idea in your mind of what you want promoting your business to look and feel like in 2021. Write it down somewhere you’ll see it!

Tip 2. I’ve made a note on my phone, a page in my journal and a Google Doc just for IDEAS. Whenever I think of an idea for a client, a social media post or a topic for a blog I write it in my IDEAS folder for later. It might be a word or a sentence or even the rough start of a full post, but it stops it leaving my brain forever and never working on it.

If you’re sitting there reading this with your cup of tea then quickly set up a note on your phone for ideas. Every time a client mentions a problem or you hear something that sparks an idea for a post, pop it in here. Bonus points if you’ve got some to add to it today!

Tip 3. When you’re thinking about PR for your business I find it helps me to start at the beginning, where do you want to be featured? In my first year of HI Communications I wanted to have an article published in the Huffington Post, so I focused on getting in there. Last year my house renovation story was in Fabulous online and Women’s Own which helped me get more people reading my blog and Instagram account.

Today’s #TeaBreakTip is to make a list of the places you want your business to be featured and aim high! It could be your local newspaper, favourite radio station, a magazine for your industry or a publication that you know your target audience loves to read.

Tip 4. First check your website and social media accounts are still there (if they’ve gone, stop the 10 minute timer because we’re going to be he