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5 things I've learnt after a month of the eBook

This post could have gone one of two ways. You were either getting 10 things I’ve learnt from finishing 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives… or what I’ve learnt from launching my eBook one month ago. Tom has put his foot down today so you’re getting the eBook (but if you want to message and discuss DH I’m all ears).

Social media manager Barry, Cardiff, South Wales

So here's a few things I've learnt in the last month. 1. You’ll never really be ready I could have spent another year editing the eBook, Tom could have taken until the end of time designing it and it still wouldn’t be perfect. But it's good and I was happy so it was time for the eBook to fly the nest. You’ll rarely be 100% happy with a project, whether it’s a newsletter, blog post or Instagram account, but go for it. Your best is good enough. 2. Never stop promoting When Apple release a new iPhone they don’t do one advert and finish do they? Don’t stop promoting your product or services, not everyone is ready to buy yet but they still want to know how you can help them. We don’t want to annoy everyone, but we want our businesses to survive and so do our audience, so DO IT! 3. Who you think will buy won’t, and who you think won’t, will Planning your target audience is key BUT not everyone will buy it and that’s okay. With every purchase I learnt more about the different businesses the eBook was helping. Keep finding out information about your audience and adapting your message so that it helps solve their problems. 4. Don’t focus on the numbers This is the hardest part. We all get tempted by followers, newsletter subscribers and sales, but really numbers don’t matter, how much value we give does. I’m really grateful for every single person that buys the eBook, every like on Instagram and all of you receiving this email, but I’m aware that as soon as I stop adding value you could all be off! 5. It's okay to switch off If it all gets too much, it's absolutely okay to log out, switch off and watch 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives in 8 weeks. It's all about balance.

Social media manager Barry, Cardiff, South Wales

It's been abit of a strange month hasn't it but having something to focus on has really helped me. I hope you've all found your own ways to get through this time. If you want to get the eBook that I keep promoting, click here to order it straight to your inbox! Have a lovely day and if you've got any good recommendations for my next binge watch let me know! Speak soon, Hannah x


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