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Being authentic on social media

You're delightful, and your customers think so too.

That's why they buy from you, support you and engage with you.

But they can only do that if they know what you're really like and what makes you different.

- Your shop could be the same - Other people can offer your services - Someone else could already be making your product

But no one else can do it like you.

The more authentic you can be on social media, the more it helps with the Know, Like, Trust factor.

Use your social media to give us a little behind the scenes of your business or home today. Show us what you're making or doing and let your customers get to know you!

There's lots more information on your 'why' and the Know, Like, Trust factor in my new eBook Be Your Own Social Media Manager.

Get your hands on it here!

* Card from the lovely Annie and Lolo for my birthday, doesn't that seem like a long time ago 😂


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