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How to create freedom when you're self employed

Do you ever see something on Instagram that makes you stop for a minute? 

This week it was a post from @livethreesixty that said…

‘Many of you started your own business or became freelance because you wanted more freedom, so why are you recreating employment conditions in the work you have designed to give you more freedom?’ 

Erm. Yes! 

One of the reasons I decided to become self employed was that I struggled with being expected to do my best work from 9am-5pm. 

I’m most creative in the mornings and evenings, for me the afternoon is for napping and admin that can be done when my focus isn’t there. 

But when I’m stressed or have lots on I find myself slipping into that ‘must work from 9am-5pm everyday’ mindset again and forcing myself to work. 

It never turns out well. 

I see so many small business owners force themselves to share things online that don’t help them in the long run. 

  • They force doing Facebook lives with no clear plan of the value they’re giving to their audience, just because they ‘should’ 

  • They force themselves to learn Instagram ‘reels’ and have another thing to add to the list. 

  • They force writing social media captions that feel inauthentic to post something for that day.

  • They force learning Canva or Illustrator to keep up with trendy graphics that leave them feeling deflated. 

And the whole time they're eating into their freedom and distracting themselves from what they actually need to be doing, building their audience and selling.  I’m all for getting out of your comfort zone and trying new marketing techniques, but when it’s getting in the way of what you NEED to do to progress your business, there’s only two options.  Let it go or ask for help.  Honestly, I’m yet to try an Instagram reel. It’s another thing to add to my growing list that I don’t have the brain space for, so I let it go.  I’m no graphic designer, so when I want to make a new template I ask Tom for help (thank you!!)  If you’re feeling business overwhelm and it’s getting in the way of your freedom, take a look at your list for next week.  I challenge you to let one thing go and find one person you can ask for help.  Let me know what you decide, I’m getting my list out as we speak! 


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