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Does your business feel like you?

Happy Sunday! How are you all?

I had some time off last week so today has been spent having a dip in the sea and planning content for next month!

Something that has been on my mind is the question - does your business feel like you?

One of my friends said that she had listened to my recent podcast. It was about doing Instagram reels that feel like me and my business and it had inspired her to do a reel that feels like her.

It was such a cute idea and it did really well on her account because it was a great example of what it's like to work with her.

There are always trends that we can jump on, there are people we see and want the same kind of success, but for our marketing to feel really authentic and do well, it has to feel like us.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the news about Aldi’s Cuthbert and the M&S Colin the Caterpillar cake.

While I’m totally against copying, especially when it comes to big brands stealing the designs of small businesses, it does show how one idea can be taken lots of different ways.

All of the supermarkets have their own version of the Caterpillar cake.

Asda has Clyde

Tesco has Curly

Sainsbury’s has Wiggles

Waitrose has Cecil

And they all found a way to get inspiration from Colin without directly copying the brand (although some look very similar I have to admit)

But Aldi went so close to the mark that it’s made the feud between Cutherbert and Colin national news and you couldn’t get away from it, whoever’s side you are on.

What do you think the outcome will be?

It’s possible to take inspiration from something, whether it’s a cake, a podcast or some audio for a reel and make it your own.

That's what makes marketing successful. When you get creative, use your imagination and do something that really feels like you.

If you don’t like reels with dancing, don’t try and jump on a trend just to get likes.

If you hate podcasts, it doesn’t make sense to record your own.

If you see a post that you think is good, add your own twist to it and tag the person.

Everything I do for my business feels like me, so if that means looking silly doing a reel wearing 9 hats then so be it!

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