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How to ask for what you want on social media

Last week I really fancied starting another puzzle, but I didn’t have any at home. So, I put a story on Instagram asking if anyone local had a spare puzzle, and guess what? 7 turned up at my door! Now you’re probably wondering how I’m going to try and link this one to social media. But bear with me.

A lot of us find asking for what we want difficult. It’s much easier to buy something off Amazon or pretend we don’t want it than it is to just ask. The same goes for your social media accounts. Most people want to support your business, but they don’t know how to unless you tell them. Want more page likes? Ask for them. Need to speak to your audience with comments? Ask for them. Want someone to buy your book, visit your website, leave you a review? Ask! Your customers often don't know what will help you and your business, so tell them and let them support you. Spend some time this week thinking about what you need and plan your 'asks' to fit into your content plan.

Here's a little ask from me. I'd love for you to take a look at my 'Be Your Own Social Media' eBook so I've popped the link below. It's helping lots of small businesses become more visible and build a community on social media, and it could help you too! Get the eBook I hope you have a good Sunday, I'm off to finish my puzzle! Speak soon, Hannah x


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