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How to help your business survive

Who else is really missing Academy Espresso Bar at the moment?

Just a few weeks ago we were there enjoying a drink (or 3) for International Women's Day!

But they are doing a good job of not letting me forget about them. They’re posting recipes of delicious cocktails and pictures of other people who are missing them too.

Do you know who else I won’t forget?

💆‍♀️ The beauticians giving me advice on how to do my own facial

💇‍♀️ The hairdressers with tips on how to survive these roots

🎁 The shops reminding me about their website when I can’t visit them in store

🧡 And the businesses who continue to show up even though it’s hard and we don’t really know what to do.

Hopefully 🤞 you won't forget about me either!

If you need help with your Facebook or Instagram or just coming up with content ideas that will help your community, get in touch.

My 1:1s are still going ahead on Zoom and are £99 for 2 hours.

Just 2 hours and then no more social media stress! Email me on to book.


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