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How to make marketing fun again

Marketing can often feel like a chore and something that needs to be added to your never ending to do list. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

When was the last time you had fun promoting your business? When did you last feel excited to share your posts because you knew they were useful and helpful?

I’ve got three ways to help you enjoy marketing again so that you can build momentum and be consistent in your promotion.

  1. Planning in advance

It’s easy to feel disheartened when you aren’t making progress, but especially if you never set the goals and aims in the first place.

How do you know you’re moving forward if you don’t know which direction you’re heading in?

When you know the direction you’re heading in you need to find a way to make it as simple and as easy as possible.

So simple and easy that you can’t convince yourself that you aren’t going to do it today.

One of the ways I do this is by planning in advance.

You might find that you plan a whole month’s worth of content ready to go, or schedule it so it goes out automatically.

I tend to plan up to two weeks in advance in my Trello, adding pictures and posts so that I know they are ready to use.

This means I can feel relaxed with my marketing, because I know there is always something there ready to go. It’s not a last minute panic that I haven’t posted or shared something today.

To do this you might also find it useful to batch create your posts.

Batch creating is when you do lots of the same post in one go. It could be designing graphics, writing ideas, recording videos.

My personal favourite is recording a few reels in one go. When I do reels I usually want to have some make up on and my hair done to make me look a little bit less of a scruff for the day. I will have already saved the audios I want to use and planned out the reels I’m going to do.

I’m in the zone and ready which means I can whack out 5 or 6 reels in one go that are saved in my drafts ready to use.

If this feels too complicated for you, what is the easiest way you could do it?

Take the complication out of everything you do and do it in a simple way.

2. Turn it into a game

My second tip for making your content fun again is to turn it into a game.

My favourite way to do this is with a little trick I call the jar game. You write down all the tasks you want to do on small pieces of paper and put them in a jar.

On that day, you pick out a task from the jar and you have to do it there and then to get it done.

It might be go live on Instagram, record a story or write a blog post.

You can’t argue with the jar and you can’t put it back in, which means you’ll stop procrastinating and start getting things done.

The other way is to set yourself little rewards along the way.

It could be a nice pudding for dessert if you finish 10 posts. Treating yourself to the top you’ve had your eye on if you sell 5 products, or just a cup of tea after you’ve been brave and recorded a talking story.

These small things are big steps to moving the needle forwards in your business. Don’t underestimate their impact and celebrate every small win you have, because running a business is hard and if you’re doing these things then you’re doing a great job.

3. Do what you enjoy

My final tip is to do what you enjoy.

If you love explaining and talking to people, do more videos.

If you love creating graphics, do more of those.

If you find it easier not to show your face, start a podcast or pitch to be a guest on someone else’s. I love reels so I do lots of those. I love getting great pictures so me and Tom will take a big bank of images I can use.

Have fun with your marketing and do the things you love. There’s not just one way to do these things, it has to work for you.

As a little bonus task for this episode, why not try something new and be silly on social media this week? Take the pressure off and just enjoy yourself and the opportunities you could get from stepping out of your comfort zone.


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