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How to make marketing your business and creating content easy

First things first, who started the rumour that marketing needs to be hard? Where did this idea come from that we have to spend hours and hours planning and scheduling our content? Or that you need to be tech savvy to get started!

It took me almost 4 years of running HI Communications to start a newsletter.

I’d be put off by automations and opt ins and sales funnels, but actually the whole thing took less than an hour and now I send a newsletter every week.

One of my clients took 7 years to write a blog and it took less than the time to drink a cup of tea to add it to their website.

I have to admit I feel I have a part to play in this.

In my social media workshops I used to say that you HAVE to post once a day at least to stay consistent. But what if you don’t feel like it? If the last 12 months has shown us anything it’s that we don’t always know what to expect, especially when it comes to creating content.

Being consistent is different for everyone.

I don’t schedule my own content which might seem crazy coming from a social media manager.

I’ll have a rough idea of what I’m going to post but I don’t schedule it in advance. I see how I feel on thee day and go from there, that way it’s more authentic to me (and I think you can tell a post that’s been put in for months!)

That’s why I want to talk about making your marketing easy. It’s something I really want to show with my new package, The Six Week Marketing Fix.

I have a method that I use, and with this if you’re feeling rough and just want to curl up and watch Netflix you can! Because it doesn’t matter that you haven’t posted on Instagram today.

Clients are still coming in because they’re reading your blogs from 2 years ago, they're sharing your pin from last March, they’ve signed up to your newsletter and they’re opening your welcome email as we speak.

All while you sit there and binge Married at First Sight.

How does it work?

If you follow me on Instagram you might have spotted the content creation circle that I posted recently.

It all just starts with one idea but from it you get blogs, newsletter, Pinterest pins and content for social media.

Hannah Isted Social Media Small Business Marketing

Just one idea.

It could be a Valentine’s Day gift guide

Why exercising at home is good for you

What to do if you’re meant to be getting married this year

For this blog I’ll use the example I’ve done myself of...

‘Why you should be blogging for your business’

Here we are with this idea, and first things first you turn it into an Instagram post all about why blogging is good for your business.

You might have a few benefits of blogging, a how to, an example from a client or an example of your own. You could share a graphic or a meme or even a reel about the idea to get people interested in it.

Once it’s out on Instagram, have a look at the comments and feedback…

Then you can turn it into a newsletter. Here’s where you say ‘you might have spotted this week on Instagram that I’ve been talking about blogging’

Hopefully, you’ll get some replies from your subscribers that will give you even more ideas.

Maybe they tell you why they won’t blog or can’t blog.

Or they tell you another positive that you hadn’t thought of.

Then you can turn that into a blog.

You might want to change it into a post that says ‘5 reasons you should be blogging’

Or ‘3 steps to getting your blog started’

Using the feedback from your newsletter to see what your target audience is searching for online.

Then you can share it on your website. Already there’s new content and you’re giving potential customers another reason to visit and find out more about what you do.

Already from that one idea we’ve got an Instagram post, a newsletter and a blog.

Now your final step is to create some amazing graphics for your Pinterest page that bring people to your website, or even to that initial Instagram post. Bring them in with something snappy like 'Why you should start a blog for your business today!'

I’ve been using Canva to post graphics directly to Pinterest and It’s saving so much time.

While you’re there you can take a look at some of the other things business are sharing that might be useful to your audience. Add them to your boards to sit alongside your content and create a page that’s full of useful support and advice.

Hopefully that will spark your next idea, and the cycle continues!

It’s just one way of getting the most out of your content, so you don’t feel like you constantly have to create something new or have the next big idea.

Now I’ve done this with excel spreadsheets, notes in my bullet journal and just doing the whole cycle in a day, but see what works for you.

When you have an idea see how far you can take it. Get a big piece of paper and some pens and think of as many possible ways you could share it. Remember not everyone sees all of your posts, so you might think you’re being annoying, but trust me you’re no where near!

There you go, an EASY way to do content creation.

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