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How to promote your business for valentines day

Right now every day feels like groundhog day, so is it any wonder so many of us are taking the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day and really making the most of it?

Valentine’s Day is usually like marmite, you either love it or you hate it, but I’m firmly in the love it camp and not just with Tom. I love celebrating Galentines and getting my friends involved too!

If you’re looking for a way to promote your business and run a Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, here are some ideas that might help…

1. Decide if you want to run a promotion

Not every business needs to force Valentine’s Day into their marketing plans. Decide now if you actually want to run an offer or promote your products in the lead up to 14th!

If you have a product that would make the perfect gift now an ideal time to tell your audience about it with social media posts and newsletters.

If you are a service based business and you want to mention Valentines to your audience why not add some blogs to your marketing plans and tell us what you LOVE about your industry or 5 tools that you love to use. You can still share the love even if you are product based.

Do you have a personal story about Valentines Day you could share? I always used to buy a reduced steak and a bottle of gin when I was single on Valentine’s Day, but I loved it!

2. Team up with other local businesses to share their posts too

If you’ve got the perfect gift, the restaurant down the road has the perfect takeaway meal and the bar has drinks to match, why not team up to promote your products together? Share the news and updates for your High Street and encourage customers to come and do all their independent shopping in one go.

You might even decide to run a promotion together and make it a deal they can’t refuse!

3. Be really clear on your offer

Now you have you offer ready, be REALLY clear when you’re promoting it online. Make it super easy for customers to order so their questions are already answered. This post could be the first thing someone sees from you, do they know…

  • What do you get?

  • How much is it?

  • How do you buy it?

  • Are you offering click and collect or delivery?

  • Where do I pick it up?

4. Now share it far and wide!

When you know what your offer is and how you’re going to promote it, share it far and wide!

When we are clear on our message and what we want to promote, it’s easier to share it. Link your marketing together to help your message reach a wider audience by using blogs, social media and newsletters to connect with your customers.

5. Create a gift guide with ideas

I love a gift guide. They help your customers with suggestions of gifts they might not have thought of and they can be a great tool to connect you with other local businesses too.

Think about what your audience are looking for right now for a gift.

  • A treat to cheer them up like a candle

  • An activity to do at home

  • A meal

  • A special version of something they use everyday, like coffee

Add your Valentine’s Day gift guide to your blog or newsletter with clickable links so they can click straight through to order.

Will you be promoting your small business this Valentine's Day? Let me know what your plans are!


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