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How to promote your small business over the summer

Are you already planning how to promote your business over the summer?

This week it’s been so hot and I’m noticing people starting to slow down or go away on holiday. The sooner we can start planning ahead for summer the sooner we can schedule time off without losing momentum on our business or going silent for months at a time.

It is possible to keep promoting your business without feeling glued to your phone over the summer months. You can get prepared, post your content and remind people you exist without it feeling like full-time work if you want to take a holiday or reduce your hours.

Next month I’m running a free workshop for members of The Best 90 Days Ever to help you get your summer content sorted. On the 5th of July, we’re going to plan our content for the rest of this summer and get it ready to go so you’ll have all your content sorted before the schools finish.

When you have your social media ready it means less stress, less pressure and less phone time when you really want to be enjoying the sunshine with your friends and family.

Having time off for summer doesn’t mean our businesses have to suffer. Get your summer content sorted and join us in the workshop! All you need to do to get access is sign up for The Best 90 Days Ever. We start again on 1st July and it’s £34.99 for the 3 months including the free workshop. Sign up to join us here!

In this blog post, I'm going to show you how you can promote your business over the summer using some of the tips we’re going to share during the workshop.

1. Set the expectation in advance

Before you begin, set the expectation in advance of how much content you need to create. Decide what you really want to do to promote your business this summer and what you can skip or save until September.

If you feel overwhelmed about creating content for the whole summer, think about the best and worst-case scenarios.

What is the lowest amount of content you would be happy with?

It might mean going from posting every day to 3 times a week or instead of sending a weekly newsletter you send it every fortnight.

You can then think about what the best case would be.

If you’re feeling good and you get into a flow with writing or you have a plan in advance, how much is a best-case scenario?

You might realise you’ve written enough posts to share daily until September! Or have an idea for newsletters that means you can write and schedule them all in advance.

Setting the expectation helps to stop overwhelm and be realistic about how much you can get done and still take the time off you deserve.

2. Use the content you're already taking

Don't make things harder for yourself and separate the content you're taking for fun and the content you're taking for work.

Before you get started, think about the main messages you want to share this summer.

  • Is it your opening times?

  • Your website link?

  • Your products that are available to buy or download anytime even if you aren’t working?

When you know what you want to say you can plan the text in advance and use pictures or videos that you’ll take while you are away.

Plan the parts that take the longest time in advance, like newsletters or captions, and use what you’re taking this summer so that it can double up as memories and social media content.

You could make a note next to a caption that says 'this would be great with a picture of my family or the beach'

I want to see where you’ve gone on holiday, the picnic you’re taking to the park or the beach when you’re taking an evening dip!

Be relatable and honest and show how you’re really spending your summer.

3. Batch create your content

During the workshop on 5th July we’ll be talking about how to batch create your content and there will be lots of practical tips to help you. During the first 2 weeks of The Best 90 Days Ever our focus will be on creating different pieces of content for summer.

One of the best ways to get lots done is to batch. Batch creating content means doing more than one of the same thing in one sitting.

You could write lots of captions, record a few videos, write a newsletter series or even schedule your posts.

It works well because when you get in the flow of a certain task you can get lots done together and it takes much less time than stopping and starting different tasks.

Batch creating means you have everything there and ready so you can post your content, put your phone down and enjoy the summer.

We’ll cover all of this and more in my free summer workshop and I’d love to have you there. Book your space for just £34.99 here. If you have any questions just send me a message! I can’t wait to hear from you.

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