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How to simplify your business

Have you heard of minimalism? I love it.  Before I moved out I would read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos and documentaries and take in everything that Josh and Ryan from The Minimalists said. You could say the amount of content I was looking at wasn’t very minimalist at all…  I had plans that when I had my own space it would be clean, clear and simple.  It was, at the start.  Then as I went from one bedroom at my parents to a whole house I started to fill the space and it wasn’t as intentional as I hoped it would be. 

Now I’m going back to the beginning. I’ve used this time to clear out clutter not just in my house but in my business too. I’m back on Pinterest and listening to my favourite podcasts on minimalism again. 

I’m not going for the ‘must have less than 100 items’ rules, but sometimes you just need to not overcomplicate things. 

If you’re struggling with your work at the moment, what is the simplest way you could do ‘the thing’? 

When you’re lacking time, motivation or inspiration, here’s a few ways to simplify the way you work. 

Posting on Instagram

Keep it simple and use a photo you’ve already got and love. Scrap the grid theme if it’s getting in your way (I wrote a blog about it this week!) and tell your customers what you’ve been up to today. Don’t over think it, get your post out there! 

Writing a blog 

Don’t make things hard and start from fresh, look back at your old Facebook and Instagram posts and see what did well. Take the theme and some of the words and bulk it out into a blog. The same goes for a newsletter too! It’s not cheating, it’s using your analytics to see the topics your audience likes to read. 

Ask for help

If you’re starting something new and you don’t know how to go about it, ask someone that’s already been there. Why struggle if there’s someone who’s done it, got the t-shirt and learnt the mistakes who's willing to tell you. If in doubt Google and Youtube are your friends. 

Stop or change what isn’t working 

Hate LinkedIn? Delete it. Not getting results from Twitter? Remove the app. Don’t fancy starting a podcast/blog/newsletter/website? Don’t do it, well not yet anyway. If you’re feeling forced and it’s not part of your plan it will be really clear to your audience. Either stop or try it a different way that makes you feel passionate about it again. 

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