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Introducing yourself on social media

I always tell my clients and friends to post pictures of themselves and show the face behind the business, and then I’m terrible at doing the same myself 😂

But I’ve met lots of new people these last couple of weeks from #friendsofhollyandco and my workshop yesterday with Centre for Entrepreneurship and seen so many lovely introductions I thought it was about time I did mine again!

So hello! 🧡 I’m Hannah, I live in Barry with Tom Collins and Bernie the Chocolate Labrador 🐶

I’ve been running HI Communications for over 4 years now and I am a social media manager, but Tom and I also run Barry Magazine and build websites together.

We love helping small businesses and we’ve just released a new eBook called ‘Be Your Own Social Media Manager’ which teaches you how to do what I do yourself!

I love being at the beach with Bern, I’m rarely without a tea in my hand and I love anything second hand, especially if it came from a car boot sale!


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