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It's taken me 9 months to write this

I was sorting through my notes the other day and I found this.

Take a look at the date... July 2019! It’s taken me almost a year to write this book and you know what? I’m kind of glad it did. I’ve learnt more in that time about social media and I’m learning more every day. What worked for me when I first started isn’t necessarily what works for me now, especially in the situation we’re in at the moment. I've done more social media workshops and heard your questions, we organised Pride and that taught me a lot about marketing events, I've worked with new clients with different goals and needs. There’s always a way to keep learning, growing, adapting and improving. Businesses don’t stay still and neither do your customers. I’m certain there’s something new you can learn with my eBook, and if you’ve already got it you’ll only see results if you get going on those tasks! Get the 'Be Your Own Social Media Manager' book here:

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