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Launch and Learn

How are you doing today?

This week I’ve had 3 one-to-one sessions that have all been about launching something new.

You’ve probably noticed I’m in the middle of a launch too!

The thing that keeps coming up is being prepared and getting excited.

When you know what you’re doing you can start to get excited about sharing your launch with your audience, but even the word launch can be scary to use.

I’ve just finished a coaching program and she said many times, one post is an announcement, not a launch.

One post is often not enough to launch a new product or service.

Hannah Isted Marketing Expert on Barry Island Beach

The final quarter of the year is an opportunity for new launches.

Whether it’s products for Halloween or Christmas.

A course you’re bringing out in November.

An eBook or digital product you know is going to help people in the new year.

But don’t wait until the last minute.

Start thinking about it now (If you haven’t already!)


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