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Marketing is coming home

I have a secret….

I have little to no interest in the football.

I’ve heard it could be coming home today but you won’t find me watching the game (sorry pops if you’re reading this!)

While I won’t be watching it, I am grateful that it gave me the idea for this newsletter and today’s task for A Month of Marketing.

I saw this on Amanda Perry’s Instagram page this week and it made me laugh. Come on Tesco, you can do better than that!

There are so many ways that we can link our marketing into current events, but just because something is trending, it doesn’t mean we HAVE to use it.

Now that I’ve given away my secret about the football, it would be pretty strange if I plastered my social media in football references this week wouldn’t it?

So if your goal (get it?) is to use something current, there are a few other ways to do it which would be a better match (okay I'll stop now).

- Look at what's trending right now and find something you have an opinion on that would be interesting or resonate with others

- Use a website like to find relevant days you could celebrate, these can be great to pitch a story for your business too.

- Think about the events that are affecting your target audience and how you can help. Do you have activities for when school finishes? Do you have a holiday essential for when you're going away?

Your task for this week is to look ahead to see the events you need to plan for in the future.

There's a reason we call it Christmas in July, because everything moves so quickly it's best to start thinking about things now!

Just look at the events which are most relevant for you and don't focus on the rest.

Trying to force your marketing can make you and your audience feel uncomfortable, so don't feel like you have to mark the occasion for every single event.

Although it is National Tequila Day on 24th July, just saying!


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