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Our recent client

It can be difficult being a small business when things are uncertain like this.

To try and prepare for changes coming up I've decided to take myself on as a client! Could you do the same?

I'm having a look at my website and seeing what I can do to improve it, starting by looking at some of our recent work to update the pages.

One of my favourite projects is Spruse. Previously called Stevenage Furniture Recycling Scheme, the charity wanted a new brand!

We came up with the name Spruse to play on the 'reuse' and Tom designed them a new logo with the blue colour they really loved.

We also created.... - A new website - Leaflets - Pull up banner - Wrap for their new van - Business cards - Shop signs

It's such a difference and we're really proud to have worked with a charity that's helping to reduce furniture waste 🛏🛋


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