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Putting all your eggs in one basket

Happy Easter Sunday!

I don’t want to interrupt your chocolate eating and roast dinner scoffing for too long, but I wanted to say hello and talk to you about eggs! More specifically, putting all your eggs in one basket. You might have spotted my Instagram reel on Friday where I dramatically fell on the floor after putting all my creme eggs into one basket. But although no eggs were harmed in the making of that reel and I was laughing about it, there is a serious side to that message.

As things start opening up again soon, a lot of small businesses are about to become (or continue being!) really busy. Staying in touch with your customers is key, whether it’s through social media, your website or a newsletter. Many businesses rely and put all their eggs into social media to share their news, so if something happens it can be awful. When it comes to social media, the danger is that we don’t own it. You might post on Instagram or Facebook, but if anything happens it’s out of your control.

  • Instagram might go down.

  • Days where your posts don’t connect with your audience.

  • It could be half term and people aren’t online as much.

  • You might just not feel like posting.

Or worst case scenario, you lose your account and you have no way to get in touch with those customers. We hear the mindset of ‘oh it’s just social media’ but all that work to get thousands of followers and then it’s just gone? It’s okay to be upset. Having an email list is like insurance. It's a way to put your eggs in another basket, so if the first one goes wrong your newsletter is still working hard for you, connecting with your customers. They can hear when you have a last minute appointment. Or a new collection is coming you think they'll love. Or to tell them when you’ll be opening and what you have in store. There are so many things your audience wants to know and the only reason they aren't signing up to your email list is because you haven't started it yet. This week share your eggs around into lots of baskets to keep them safe. No one wants to be eggless at Easter!

If you’re ready to launch your first email newsletter, I’m here to help with The 5 Day Newsletter Fix.

Starting 12th April, The 5 Day Newsletter Fix is a 5 day course which takes you through the stages of starting your first newsletter.

From getting subscribers to getting sales, this group course will support you, teach you and you will ALL send your first newsletter at the end of the week!

I’d love to have you there. Spaces are limited as I’ll be reading through all of your newsletters before they go out, so if you’d like to book your space sign up here!

The latest episode of the Social Sunday podcast is out now! It's all about the 5 newsletter myths I hear the most and why they aren't true for your business. Can you guess what number one is?! Click here to listen.


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