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Started from the bottom

If you follow my Instagram page you’ll probably know that I’m a huge fan of car boot sales. 

Every Sunday come rain or shine (or just shine to be honest) I’ll be there at Sully with my £1 coins and my bag for life. 

I love it, but it’s really changed my perspective on the value and cost of things, especially when it comes to buying new.

For a change, last week I helped my friend Chloe sell her things.  A lot of our clothes started off at £2, then £1, then 50p. By the end of the morning we were trying to give things away for free just so we didn't have to take it home.  But guess what? Most people wouldn’t even take a look, they just walked straight past.  They assumed free = rubbish that no one else wanted to buy, and maybe they were right.  I’ve been in their position. When something is free it’s easy to think that there isn’t much value to it. We don’t appreciate the time that’s gone into making it, promoting it, selling it.  The same goes for small businesses too.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of going cheaper, giving things away for free and getting into a race to the bottom with your pricing. But it doesn’t always help your customer and it certainly doesn’t help your business.  Think about the value you’re providing and the problems you’re solving for your clients. Theres a time for freebies and there’s a time for charging what you’re worth (that time is now incase you were wondering).  It's a lesson I'm still learning everyday even four years into my business. Let me know if it's something you struggle with too! 

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