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Taking customers on the journey

Earlier we went for a walk to Barry Island and as we were eating ice cream we got talking about the different conversations we’ve had this week.

I’ve been reading Crushing It by Gary Vee and it really gave me the kick up the butt I needed to get back into the routine of promoting my business.

Gary talks about documenting your journey and it’s something I’ve been speaking to a few clients about this week.

Whether they're in the process of starting, 6 months into a new business, launching a collection or having a quiet period of sales.

They were all struggling to document the process and honestly it’s something I find difficult too.

We will often feel our lives aren’t interesting enough, or we have nothing to say.

But there are SO many things that our audience wants to know about our business, and they want to be taken along for the ride.

But I don’t think it needs to be constant. You’re allowed to enjoy your holidays and come back feeling rested (which might be where Gary and I disagree).

Taking time off social media is something I’m trying really hard to do in my own business.

It means that the time I do spend documenting the journey is really important.

It’s hard to predict what your audience will love so get excited about sharing and test it out!

On my personal account I was nervous about sharing my car boot sale finds, but I always get the most replies.

I never expected the response from reels that I’ve had, but it’s all part of sharing what I do.

So, when you go back to work this week I have a little challenge for you.

Gary had a camera follow him everywhere but I’m not going to suggest that today.

Instead, to get into the mindset of documenting your day take 10 pictures each day.

You don’t have to post them yet, although if you want to that’s amazing!

But just get into the habit of photographing and writing down the things that happen in your business.

Not only does it show your audience what it’s like to work with you, it gives you something to look back on in years to come too.

Let me know how you get on!

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