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Telling your audience more about you

I found this mirror in a skip yesterday!

Once I got it home I posted it on my Instagram stories with a poll that has had one of my highest ever responses.

108 people have voted to say whether they like the mirror or not, (Tom was the only one that voted no!)

My Instagram is a personal account for a reason, because I don't want to post lots of business on there.

I want people to message me when they buy clothes from a charity shop. When they find treasure on the side of the road I get sent a picture. When I see videos of others looking in skips I LOVE it. It’s how you make a connection.

Your business pages doesn’t have to only include your business and what you’re selling, give away some details about your life too. What do you enjoy? What do you love? Let your audience get to know you outside of your business so they trust you because you’re honest and authentic.

When I see crazy shoes I think of Alex Critten and Becky Holmes, when I see a German Shepherd I think of Clair Stevenson or a Frenchie I think of Lucy Jayne Gulwell. They all share their life outside of their business.

What’s one thing you can share with your audience that isn’t work related?


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