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The start of our small garden makeover

After 2 years it's finally time to start working on the garden!

I never wanted a massive garden when I was house hunting in Barry and anything with grass was pretty much out of the question, I couldn't see myself getting the lawn mower out.

When I moved into this house I knew it had a small courtyard garden but at the time alot of the back was very overgrown so I wasn't totally sure how much space there would be.

Over the last couple of years we've cleared away the weeds and all of the rubbish we'd chucked there from doing up the house and now we can see what space we actually have!

It’s a pretty small L shaped courtyard but this weekend we cleaned it all with a pressure washer we borrowed from some friends and some patio cleaner passed over the wall from our neighbours. The pressure washing has made a huge difference, it feels so open, clean and bright now and there's definitely a Santorini feeling about the white walls.

Small Garden makeover, Barry South Wales

My mum is getting rid of some slate from her garden which we decided to put in the back corner but unfortunately Bernie has taken a liking to it and it's not made him very well. We've blocked it off for the time being and I think we will get some composite decking instead.

Small Garden makeover, Barry, Cardiff, South Wales

I ordered some fairy lights from Amazon and despite them being small they have made such a difference, it feels so cosy outside now.

All the walls will be painted again and we want to plan some planters round the side so we can grow tomatoes every year!

Small Garden makeover, Barry, Cardiff, South Wales

I’m so pleased with how it looks and on a budget too. I’d love to hear your small garden tips!


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