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Welcome to working from home

Welcome to working from home lots of you! 🏠

I've worked from home for over 4 years now and picked up a few tips.

You'll hear lots of advice over the next few weeks I'm sure, but here's a few things I've learnt along the way that they might not tell you....

🛏 Work from your bed if you want to. Sometimes I get my best work done from there

🧹 Set a timer and get as much distracting house stuff done as you can. If you can see if you'll probably try and do it instead of doing work

⏰ Actually, set a timer for everything. They really help with motivation

🚿 You can work from your PJs if you want... but you probably won't want to. Get showered and dressed in some comfy clothes

🛋 Don't feel like you have to have a desk. Work where you feel the most productive, which might change a few times each day

🐶 Most importantly, get a dog. You'll have a reason to leave the house and get some fresh air (hopefully!)

How are you getting on with WFH?


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