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Why I don't use paid adverts

Spilling the tea on paid ads! ☕️

I often get enquires about paid ads. But it's not something I do or recommend for small businesses just starting up.

There are other agencies I would always suggest if you're at the stage where you want to use paid ads to grow your business and I think it has a place in a marketing strategy.

But a lot of the businesses haven't tried any organic (usually free!) marketing other than social media before they want to go straight to paid.

Paid adverts are great. But they can be a money pit if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It's very easy to click boost and before you know it £50 has gone and all you've gained are a few Instagram followers who will unfollow in a week.

When we work together we'll focus on organic, long term reach. The things you do now will still be promoting your business in years to come.

Before you turn to ads here’s a suggestion to try!

Use the money you would have spent to outsource a few tasks that are taking lots of time. Now use your new free time to focus on marketing!

☕️ Record an IGTV with a Q&A from your followers

☕️ Contact businesses to be a guest on their podcast

☕️ Write a blog for your website with the most asked question from your audience

☕️ Start a Pinterest and link back to that blog

☕️ Explore PR opportunities for your brand

And while those things are working in the background, investigate paid ads more before jumping in head first!

We cover all of these topics and more in The 6 Week Marketing Fix to help you create a plan that promotes your business and increases sales. If you are looking for small business marketing support book a call to see how I could help you!


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