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Why is no one seeing my stuff?

Happy sunny Sunday!

After a really busy week, we've had a relaxing weekend walking, tidying the garden and reading!

I've been thinking about this week and the launch of The 5 Day Newsletter Fix and how I could use what I've learnt to help other businesses.

One of the things I hear the most from small business owners when it comes to their marketing is...

‘Why is no one seeing my stuff?!’

You feel like you’re on a wheel, posting content all the time, but still no one is responding and your sales are slow. It’s disheartening to say the least.

I’ve just finished my first ever ‘proper’ launch with a deadline and let’s just say it was definitely a learning experience!

Barry Island South Wales Vale Of Glamorgan

I absolutely loved running the course this week, so much so that I’m already planning the next one (you can sign up to the waitlist here) but promoting it has been a huge lesson for me, and a tiring one at that.

When I closed the doors at 6pm on Sunday I felt exhausted, but excited to start the course on Monday.

It was only when I looked back at what I’d done over the last couple of weeks that I understood why.

To promote this course I….

Sent 3 newsletters

Recorded 3 podcasts

Shared 19 Instagram grid posts (including 2 reels)

130 Instagram stories

16 Facebook posts

10 LinkedIn posts

4 blogs on my website

and one guest spot in a Facebook group.

And yet still my friends said they had only seen it a few times.

I did all of those things and still I didn’t sell out this course first time round (I was very close but not quite!)

If you’re struggling or feeling demotivated because you aren’t booking spaces or selling products, I understand. While it could mean your message isn’t connecting, it might also just mean your customers aren’t seeing it enough.

Keep going. Keep promoting your business.

Try new things, start a blog or a newsletter, share your posts to your Facebook page and LinkedIn, have FUN with it.

Get really passionate about sharing your business and your message because that's the part that is really contagious.

Take this as your reminder that you can do this!

The latest episode of The Social Sunday podcast is out now and it's all about launching a new product or service! It's less than 10 minutes long and if you'd like to listen click here.


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