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Why social media posts that fail isn't a bad thing

I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine today!

In the evenings I’ve been watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime.

It’s about Midge Maisel becoming a stand-up comedian, and she’s really good!

Apart from during one set, she isn’t.

When she blames the audience her manager says ‘You stunk tonight lady. You bombed.’

Midge says that she’s never seen the big comics bomb before and her manager explains that they've bombed so much in the past, you don’t see it anymore.

You’re going to keep bombing at whatever you do. It’s up to you to decide whether you keep going or not.

A wooden boat in a lake during summer

This summer some of your social media posts are going to bomb.

People are online less and they might not engage as much with what you post.

I’m expecting this newsletter to not have as many opens because of the hot weather here.

It’s out of your control.

But what is in your control is deciding whether you keep going.

Whether you want to enjoy yourself and make sharing online fun and relaxed over the summer.

So for the rest of July, I challenge you to not look at the analytics and focus on what you want to post and what your audience wants to see.

Hide the like count on Instagram if you want to, have more phone-free days, and focus on enjoyment.

Because I promise you it’s much easier to be consistent even when you bomb if you love what you’re doing.


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