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How to find Instagram hashtags for your business

One of the questions I get asked about the most is how to find Instagram hashtags.

I go into alot of detail about hashtags in my eBook, but I thought it might be helpful to show you how I find some of mine.

Just to say, this is how I do it and how I enjoy doing it. You might find this long and not have time or prefer doing it on your phone. Find a way that works for you!

To start I get up Instagram on my laptop and type in my first hashtag which I think will be relevant. This post was about the bath we found at the side of the road so #HouseRenovation is a good place to start!

I'll add that to a list in my notes and then copy the relevant hashtags underneath. IMPORTANT - make sure you look at these, some won't be right for you. For me #OpenPlan and #BungalowRenovation aren't suitable.

Then I'll click on one of the relevant words and have a look at other hashtags.

You'll see a few have been used millions of times, I avoid these as you have little chance of ending up in the 'top' or spending long in the 'recent' posts!

I do this on relevant topics for the picture and then when I get to 30 I post the picture and post my hashtags underneath.

This really works for me because I love seeing what is popular on the hashtags and getting in the top posts!

Ta dah! I hope that's helpful! Here's the link to my eBook if you'd like to find out more.


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