The Pros and Cons of PR

Last year I received some PR, you can read about it here, and I thought I would share some of the pros and cons that have come from that experience!

Both of my previous jobs when I left university were in PR and social media and I think of PR as getting positive news out there about you or your business, which is a very simple definition.

There are loads of ways to get positive PR, but here I’m going to talk about a recent piece of publicity I received and the good and bad that has come from it.

At the start of lockdown I was keen to keep working hard and promote my business.

My friend Rochelle at the C&C club spotted an opportunity on Twitter using #JournoRequest which is something I would recommend if you are looking for opportunities.

This #JournoRequest was looking for someone who had done up their house for free.

You might know that when I bought my house 2 years ago it needed alot of work. I’ve spent the last couple of years updating it and as I spent all my money on the actual house I did it on the cheap!

I sent an email and ended up having an interview with someone about what I’d done and it was really lovely and to chat about the house!

I got to listen back the article (although not the headline) and check I was happy with it before it went out.

It’s ended up being on Fabulous Online 3 times and it was on the front page with a double page spread in Women’s Own too.

It was pretty exciting to see my 6pm toilet on the front cover of a magazine.

I thought it might be helpful to hear the pros and cons with what happened next and how it’s benefitted (or not benefitted my business!)

Pro - I’ve seen my Instagram followers increase

The article has been shared twice on social media now and both times I noticed a big increase in followers on social media. Some of them have visited my website and signed up to my newsletter too.